The right feeling does it!

Please allow the MENTAL DROPS to take you on a trip – expect the unexpected!

Their programme shows their musical versatility:

Short, concise pop songs with catchy, but never shallow melodies alternate with extensive psychedelic epics – sometimes beautiful and dreamy, sometimes infernally dark  (like the notorious 'Confessions of an Opium Eater').

Inbetween, there are 60's style garage beat songs , expressive ballads, songs with a slight touch of folk and world music, but also some swing/blues reminiscences. Despite the musical variety you never get the impression of stylistic flaws. No matter what the MENTAL DROPS are playing, you'll hear immediately: "It must be THEM!"

4 individualists, each contributing his own accents and tone colours, have grown into an unmistakable, characteristic sound which blends all stylistic influences into one monolithic block.

Like hardly any other musical group, the MENTAL DROPS succeeded in transferring the psychedelic feeling of the sixties to the new millennium – without indulging in nostalgia – and at the same time in setting new stylistic impulses thanks to their exuberant imagination.

Their live performance mainly consists of own material, besides some newly arranged cover versions.

"The regions of the galaxy in your own head" is the motto of the MENTAL DROPS.

And this is what the press says about them:

" The right feeling does it! And it was there, including action up to spontaneous happening" (Saarbrücker Zeitung, 11.3.1992)
"MENTAL DROPS hark back to the times of 'flower-power'...The sound was dominated by the distorted guitar, which liked as well to conjure up melodies as sweet as sugar, and by the keyboard pulling all stops..."
(Die Rheinpfalz, Kaiserslautern, 27.12.95)
"..mysterious sounds from outer space...."(Saarbrücker Zeitung. 20.8.1992)
"The four, which have already made their mark in this genre, add a new, bizarre touch to the sixties" (Saarbrücker Zeitung St.Ingbert, 21.5.97)
"Feedback shows in front of the amps and a wild beat...a merciless psycho-crescendo" (Die Rheinpfalz, Kaiserslautern, 27.12.95)
"A multimedia show for the eye and the ear" (Saarbrücker Zeitung, 11.3.92)
"...sometimes takes the audience away into a fantasy country, with additional support by a light show" ." (Völklinger

"The wittiest band  far and near"  (Saarbrücker Zeitung, 20.8.1992)
"....Based on the early epics by Pink Floyd, although in their own particular style, the four musicians of the group played mostly self-written song material"  ( Die Rheinpfalz, Kaiserslautern, 5.8.96 )
"The self-penned lyrics as well as the music of the MENTAL DROPS were no less exciting than those by  Jefferson Airplane & Co" ( Saarbrücker Zeitung, 11.3.1992 )
"Sometimes, you could discern Indian accents, or you found yourself suddenly in Turkey" ( Die Rheinpfalz KL, 27.12.95 )

Kontaktadressen: Georg Lück (bass,vocals), Lottenhammer 38, 66386 St.Ingbert
Tel. 06894/2382 oder 06894/2280 Fax 06894/35574
e-mail: info@lueck-online.de

Peter Fischer (drums,vocals), Kaiserstr. 61, Saarbrücken
Tel. 0681/831681

Rainer Berni (guit.,vocals), Hasenäckerstr.1, Homburg
Tel. 06841/755223 e-mail: berni@traduc.de ;